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SOBEK'S Adventurous two-hour rafting trip will take you through some of the most spectacular scenery Bali has to offer. bali tours - white water raftingWorld-class rive guides andmodern safety equipment make this a fun day for all the family, a mix of wild excitement and fantastic sightseeing as you switch between Class II and III rapids and wide, leisurely stretches through tropical rain forest.

Throughout your trip the guides not only skillfully maneuver your rafts, but also take the time to pass on their knowledge on local Balinese lifestyle and the local flora and fauna of the Ayung River valley.

Air-conditioned transport takes you to our start point north of of Ubud to collect your rafting equipment and prepare for excitement that waits. A thorough briefing on the correct way to raft the Ayung sets the scene before you head off down the 25 rapids that connect SOBEK's two river bases.

Spectacular waterfalls, the beauty of untouched primary rain forest and the brilliant blue flash of the Javan kingfisher will bring your adventure to life as you cover the 12 kilometers to the Kedewatan finish point.

Now sit back, catch your breath and relive the excitement of your trip at our spectacular terraced river restaurants on the banks of the Ayung. Towels are provided the moment you step from your raft and the design of our bamboo waterfall showers always has guests talking. Full amenities are provided. Once you have dried off, the most spoken about meal on the Ayung River is presented, with a selection of over 20 Western and Balinese dishes served up along with fruits, sweets and coffee or tea. Take the time to watch traditional artists' tool their craft at our finish point or sit down, join in and make your mark on a piece of Bali's future history.
All that's left to finish a perfect day is a quick stop at the gift shop for souvenir photos and videos before heading back to your hotel.

What to wear
* Shorts or bathers
* T-shirt, a change of clothes
* Strictly sport / river shoes
Rate per person in US Dollars
Normal Rates Internet Rates
Adult Children Adult Children
68.00 45.00 60.00 45.00
Pick Up Times
Area Morning A Morning B Afternoon A Afternoon B
Nusa Dua 07.45-08.00 08.45-09.00 12.15-12.30 13.15-13.30
Kuta 08.00-08.15 09.00-09.15 12.30-12.45 13.30-13.45
Sanur 08.30-08.45 09.30-09.45 13.00-13.15 14.00-14.15
Ubud 08.45-09.00 09.45-10.00 13.15-13.30 14.15-14.30
bali tours - jungle trekkingJungle Trek
SOBEK operates an exclusive license to take small trekking groups into normally inaccessible areas close to Bali's National Park where nature is left to itself, undisturbed by outside influences. many species of plant and bird life are found only in this unspoiled area of Bali, offering unrivalled views across the twin lakes of Tamblingan and Buyan. SOBEK's jungle guides are well versed in the ways of nature and provide an illuminating insight into the realm of the rain forest on this adventure.

Interior Trek
bali tours - interior trekking
Step back in time with SOBEK's trek into the interior of Bali. Heading to Mount Batu Karu, we stop near a hot spring before walking into one of the most fertile areas on the island. Whilst much of Bali has adopted the modern methods of the west, on the Batu Karu plain farmers continue the traditions of centuries along ago. Our guides on this trek talk extensively about how medicines and materials are harvested from plants and shrubs and how intricate system of irrigation provides water for everyone. Following a lunch on the banks of a nearby river enjoy a complimentary massage or spa at yeh Panas. The perfect way to finish your interior Adventure.

Rate per person in US Dollars
Normal Rates Internet Rates
Jungle Trekking Interior Trekking Jungle Trekking Interior Trekking
49.00 55.00 45.00 50.00
Pick Up Times
Jungle Trekking (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Interior Trekking (Tuesdays, Thursday, Saturday)
Area Jungle Trek Interior Trek
Nusa Dua 07.15-07.30 07.15-07.30
Kuta 07.30-07.45 07.30-07.45
Sanur 07.45-08.00 07.45-08.00
Ubud 08.15-08.30 08.00-08.15

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bali tours - cyclingThe great thing about the Batur Cycling is that it's virtually all down hill. The Southern two thirds of Bali is one big downhill slope, falling away from the mountains in the north, quickly at first and the gradually ....
Escape from the heat of the tourist center to the cooler climates of Bali's mountain region. Take in the sights of Bali with a downhill adventure on one of SOBEK's cycling tours.

Batur Trail
Using new mountain bikes and safety equipment, the downhill trail from Mount Batur will lead you through sleepy villages along little-used roads and tracks. Frequent stops along the way will give you the opportunity to visit temples, plantations and villages that offer an insight into Bali that is not commonly seen. All our guides come from the surrounding regions and are trained to entertain and educate with a broad depth of knowledge in Balinese culture and lifestyle. If you only do one tour whilst in Bali, this is the one, packed with interest, education and fun.

Batu Karu Trail
For those wishing to travel through slightly more remote and adventurous terrain, SOBEK offers a tour three time a week through the central Batu Karu plain, offering spectacular views where rice terraces stretch as far as the eye can see. Travel through this rich heartland of Bali on small roads and jungle treks, again learning about the culture plant life and farming methods as you go. Following the combination of road and off-road riding, the tour finishes perfectly with lunch at a local hot spring.

Rate per person in US Dollars
Normal Rates Internet Rates
Mt Cycling Batur Mt Cycling Batu Karu Mt Cycling Batur Mt Cycling Batu Karu
55.00 55.00 50.00 50.00
Pick Up Times
Batur Trail (Daily)
Batu Karu Trail  (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
Area Batur Trail Batu Karu Trail
Nusa Dua 07.15-07.30 07.15-07.30
Kuta 07.30-07.45 07.30-07.45
Sanur 07.45-08.00 07.45-08.00
Ubud 08.00-08.15 08.00-08.15
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Natural Serenity
bali tours - four wheel drive
Join us on a journey of discovery and adventure by Land Rover to the ancient kingdoms of East Bali. Drive down hidden roads twisting and turning their way through out the way villages over Mountain Rivers and along forgotten valleys.
Flanked between the giant shadow of Mount Agung and the turquoise waters of Bali Straits, a traditional royal culture survives amidst a thriving rural community. Explore mythical TAMAN BALI, one of the islands old settlements unique for its unusual customs, festivals and practices. Take a look behind the scenes and discover the warm hospitality of the Balinese people and an amazing array of cultural riches, whilst witnessing traditional in the making.

Rate per person in US Dollars
Normal Rates Internet Rates
78.00 68.00
Pick Up Times
Area Daily
Nusa Dua 07.15-07.45
Kuta 07.15-07.45
Sanur 07.30-08.00
Ubud 08.00-08.30
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bali tours - canoeingOur newest Eco Tour provide you with the opportunity to get amongst the people of Bali's mountain regions, amidst eclectic markets, tropical jungles and Bali's most pristine lake.
SOBEK is pleased to have developed this products in conjunction with the villagers of Gemaluk and the traditional fishing community of Lake Tamblingan. This tour is designed to be non-intrusive and utilizes guides from the immediate area.

Our first stop heading for the top of Bali is Candi Kuning Market where our guides will escort you around their traditional Balinese market, answering all the "What is that?" questions you can come up with. It's great thrill to learn about the day to day life of Balinese people in their eclectic market environment. Characters abound so bring your camera.
Our next stop is with the native animal inhabitants of the mountainous region. The monkeys of Puncak Monkef Forest are just as cheeky as their low land relatives at Monkey Forest but a lot more photogenic. It must be all the fresh mountain air.
Our Final stop is at Gemaluk Village where we walk through highland coffee plantations and down into former volcanic cone, which now hosts the tranquil Lake Tamblingan.

From here the local village guide will brief you about lake tour offering hints and safety advice for on the lake. SOBEK, in conjunction with the fishing community maintain a number of fishing craft that we use for this tour. When not used for the tour, the fishermen take them for work, generating a living for their families and communities.

On the lake, a fisherman takes control of steering while you paddle around the edge of the lake as your guide explains the history of the lake: it's legends and stories of long gone characters that inhabited this region.
Halfway around you stop for a picnic lunch in the edge of the lake and an opportunity to relax before you head back to the start point.
Fixing two traditional single canoes together in a catamaran setup makes the traditional fishing vessels of this region. This gives the opportunity for a number of friends to travel together and also makes the craft very stable.

Rate per person in US Dollars
Normal Rates Internet Rates
78.00 68.00
Pick Up Times
Area Daily
Nusa Dua 07.15-07.45
Kuta 07.15-07.45
Sanur 07.30-08.00
Ubud 08.00-08.30
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  • Air-conditioned hotel transfers
  • International standard safety equipment, including helmets and life jackets. In all cases the International Safety Standard applicable to our tours is always higher than the local standard. SOBEK always applies the International Standard its tour and complies with those. Independent audits are undertaken regularly to ensure the standard is being maintained.
  • Lunch or afternoon meals- We consider SOBEK to be the best Asian Adventure Company. We concentrate all our effort on providing Adventure products and are not chefs. We leave that to the professional. As a result we contract some of Bali's finest eating house to prepare and serve our tour meals. These include Cafe Wayan, Lake View Restaurant, Lake Leke Restaurant and Sacred Mountain Sanctuary Resort. We are proud to have these names associated to the SOBEK product.
  • Professional River, lake and trekking guides trained in 'best practice' safety techniques and first Aid.
  • All our guides undertake training in the flora and fauna of Bali to help make your adventure not only exciting but also educational and interesting.
  • Bottled Drinking Water on Treks and Cycling Tour with additional cold towels following cycling tours.
  • USD 100,000.- Insurance
  • Full changing rooms and shower facilities, towels amd soap on RAFTING TOUR.

    Whitewater Rafting and SOBEK Adventures are suitable for people between the ages of 7 and 65. Cycling trips are suitable for beginners and experience cyclists alike, with children's bikes available
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